Our vision


best reflects what we have demonstrated since we were established and what we want to perpetuate – our leadership of the banking market in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Each of these words, taken together, expresses both what we love to be (leaders) and what we love to do (support business). They sum up both an action plan and the criteria for judging individual and collective Rawbanker actions.

Our vision relies on the fact that we truly and clearly intend:

  • To produce an innovative and high-quality service;
  • To attract and retain skilled staff;
  • To attract and retain high-quality partners.

Through this vision we wish to promote:

  • The mutual sharing of responsibility to achieve sustainable objectives;
  • Effective collaboration and communication;
  • The involvement of all concerned in our corporate approach;
  • Interdependence and team spirit, two key factors of our success;
  • Motivation, and more particularly self motivation .

This vision also applies to how we practice management and leadership.

It expresses the RAWBANK culture – entrepreneurship. 


• The commitment of our staff reflects their FAITH in the future of the bank.
• INVOLVEMENT demonstrates team spirit.
• COMMITMENT combined with involvement has a tremendous impact on COMMUNICATION.
• Communication is essential to achieve a growth in RESULTS OVERALL.

RAWBANK’s values can be summed up in FOUR key points:

  • respect in relationships and communication ;
  • excellence as a benchmark of skills ;
  • courage in commitment ;
  • perseverance in efforts.

To “go above and beyond together”, we must put these values into effect. They express our ability to maintain our leadership in the banking sector and our aptitude to change to face new challenges for the benefit of a high-quality customer base which we want to grow. 

The people who are the most successful at RAWBANK share important individual values such as the family, work, justice, life, success, a sense of discovery and confidence.


Our goals as Rawbankers must be the expression of our vision and our values. They strengthen our identity, demonstrate our challenges and are milestones and markers on the path to follow to achieve success.

  1. To achieve sustainable objectives
         To ensure that the sustainable strategic objectives that have been set are achieved.
  2. To ensure staff development and productivity
     To ensure that there is a high level of recruitment, training, and allocation and involvement of talented people.
  3. To ensure that the strategy is monitored and assessed
     To ensure that the appropriate people communicate the strategy effectively and give honest feedback of the results to the persons concerned.
  4. To achieve operational efficiency
     To improve control over costs, make savings and define a pricing policy based on first-class cost accounting.
  5. To ensure a high level of accountability
     To establish key performance indicators in each management team and department and achieve them.