1. Managing accounts

Current account
Min deposit at the opening93000
Monthly fee4650
Fidélité account
Min deposit at the opening46500
Monthly feeSans frais
Interest rate2%/year
Academia account
Min deposit at the opening23250
Monthly feeFree of charge
Interest rate4% to USD 2500 ; 2 % between USD 2 501 and USD 10 000

N.B : Our prices are excluding tax

2. Bank cards

Debit cards
Rapidos Visa Classic23250
Rapidos Gold93000
Rapidos Platinum139500
Rapidos Franc Congolais23000
Fidélité Card23250
Academia Card13950
Credit cards
MasterCard Classic (limit USD 2500)46500
MasterCard Gold (limit USD 5000)139500
MasterCard Platinum (limit USD 10000)279000

N.B : Our prices are excluding taxe

3. Home banking

Rawbankonline Full (Net Banking)46500/year (including digipass)
Aditional Digipass46500
Rawbankonline Light1.5 CV USD/month+ VAT. Free of charge for the ACADEMIA accounts)
SMS Banking1395/month

4. Transfers

Domestic transfers in CDF
Rawbank network1% min USD 50 (equivalent)
Other banksFree of charges

Domestic transfers in USD
Rawbank network0,25% min USD 50
Other local bank1% min USD 50

International transfers
Transfert sent1% min USD 100
Transfert received0,20% (RCC for the CBC)

5. Secure printed matter

Cheque books (25)USD 10
Personal payment slip book (50)USD 20

6. Mail

Statement through RawbankOnlineFree
Statement through ATM9300
Search history of the account9300
Statement at bank counter4650
MailboxUSD 80