RAWBANK offers a wide range of consumer credit to best meet the various financial needs that you encounter in everyday life.


Crédit Express

To satisfy the requirements that private individuals in the DRC say that they want, RAWBANK is marketing a new type of personal loan called “Credit Express”. This is a flexible type of loan which enables the borrower, customer or future customer of the bank to use the money made available to him as he sees fit.


Crédit Confort

RAWBANK gives you a cash reserve in line with your needs! You can have a reserve of between $250 and $1000 (or the equivalent in Congolese francs), and use however much you need whenever you like.


Crédit Etude

Your children’s education is one of your most important investments. The “crédit étude” is a personal loan that enables you to meet the educational needs of your children.



Easyshop is a consumer credit facility for financing goods and services. It is only provided when you make a purchase from one of the merchants approved by the bank. Employees of firms approved by RAWBANK are eligible to apply for an account. 


EasyFly is a consumer credit that offers the possibility to employees of RAWBANK authorized companies to purchase airline tickets on credit exclusively from BRUSSELS AIRLINES.

Easy Energy

Easy Energy is a consumer credit system that offers approved companies employees by RAWBANK  to buy solar kits and other renewable energy solutions on credit from our authorized dealers.


Crédit Auto

What if you want to buy a new vehicle and do not want to dip into your savings? RAWBANK can provide you with consumer credit for the purchase of a new vehicle. The choice and purchase of the vehicle must be made from car dealerships approved by the bank.