The story begins in 1922…

The Rawji family has been investing in the DRC for four generations.

The Rawji family were both pioneers and visionaries. They ignored the turmoil that has blighted the economic, social and political life of the country. At a time when others were leaving, they increased their presence, aware that a country such as the Congo, playing a key role at the heart of Africa and with significant human and economic potential, would sooner or later be called upon to play a leading role in the global economy.

Having been established for over 85 years, and with a history of continuous investment and development throughout the Congo, the Rawji Group has in-depth knowledge of the social fabric of the country and how its economy functions.


 … 80 years later, RAWBANK was established.

Its in-depth knowledge of the market and the many needs of its economic operators encouraged the Rawji family to invest in the banking sector, with the same entrepreneurial pioneering spirit that has always been characteristic of the family.

As a result, RAWBANK was established in 2002. Consideration had been given to this since 1989, but the decision was put back by the upheavals that plagued the country in the ’90s.

THE OBJECTIVE: to make state of the art technology and the latest banking and financial products available to our customers in the DRC – companies and private individuals, – mindful at all times of the words of our catchphrase, « RAWBANK is my bank ».



In a market that is now very competitive with close to 20 banks, RAWBANK has become the market leader in Congolese banking since the end of 2012, with an average market share of around 18% – 19%.

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