Rawbank Online

No need to leave your home or office! By just logging on to the Internet you can manage your account wherever you are and whenever you like through RawbankOnline.
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Latest features:

  • Mass transfers and
  • Downloading of files.

In both cases, it is now much simpler for large corporate and institutional customers who process a large number of transfers, such as payment of salaries and suppliers, for example. The first option enables you to make up to several hundred transfers in one transaction; the second, using the file download procedure, enables you to make up to several thousand payments in one transaction.

MasterCard Online

Do you have a Rawbank MasterCard credit card and want to know what transactions have been made on your card?

Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) terminals

If you are a hotel, a restaurant, a shop, a supermarket, etc., and you want to accept national and international payment cards, Rawbank can supply EPoS terminals that will accept any payment made using Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards (whether issued by Rawbank or not).

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SMS Banking

For a snapshot of your account, select the SMS Banking option.

You will receive a message each time your account is credited.