Letters of credit

Letters of credit are a special form of cover for transactions involving the import or export of goods or services. On behalf of the importer, the bank undertakes to pay the exporter of goods or services a certain sum of money against presentation of the appropriate documents within the agreed timescales.

Documentary collection

Documentary collection is a method of payment which offers guaranteed payment before the goods are dispatched. This means that payment is more secure and more closely monitored once the goods are in the possession of the purchaser/importer.

Stand-by letter of credit

A stand-by letter of credit (SBLC) is a bank guarantee by which the importer provides a guarantee to the supplier that his bank will act in his stead if he defaults, provided the exporter presents the documents requested as proof of the existence of the debt. This is not a payment instrument, but rather a financial contract separate from the commercial contract.

It is the purchaser who is the instigator of the SBLC and who requests it from his bank (the issuing bank), which must inform the seller through a confirming bank. In the event of non-payment by the purchaser, the seller may have recourse to the confirming bank, which is reimbursed by the issuing bank. It is the bank’s responsibility to obtain reimbursement from the purchaser.

Bank guarantee

Before concluding profitable business with new or existing partners it is advisable to verify that the partner can provide the service or make the payment. If you need a payment guarantee or a performance guarantee, RAWBANK can make a binding commitment on your behalf and act as guarantor for your obligations and your debts. It does not accept responsibility for the proper execution of the service, however. Its commitment relates only to the payment of a maximum specified amount if you have failed to fulfil the obligation.

Endorsement of bank drafts

This is a commitment given by the bank to guarantee the settlement of a draft issued by our customers to third parties.

(*) All loans are subject to approval by the Loans Committee