RAWBANK, the preferred bank for women entrepreneurs

In Africa, women represent over 50% of the active population and have a strong presence in entrepreneurial activities. In Democratic Republic of Congo, women head 23% of all registered businesses and 70% of domestic income is generated by women.
From an economic point of view, the rise in women’s incomes is translated directly into an improvement in the diet, health and education of their families.
Women entrepreneurs constitute a customer segment to which few financial institutions have given any attention until now.
In fact women experience particular difficulties in accessing financial services and loans, often due to:

  • A lower level of business training and less experience in financial matters,
  • Less easy access to professional networks and the business world,
  • A lack of knowledge about financial institutions,
  • The fact that the financial institutions have not developed a strategy or products to meet their needs.

RAWBANK meets the needs of women entrepreneurs

RAWBANK has established a programme intended for Small and Medium Enterprises in Democratic Republic of Congo in order to encourage enterprise and create a favourable business environment.

“I am Unique, I am Dynamic, I am Lady’s First”

“Lady’s First” is part of this approach for encouraging female enterprise. It is characterised by its aim to:

  • Improve women entrepreneurs’ access to financial services,
  • Improve women’s managerial skills through training,
  • Facilitate women’s access to the market and to information.

This initiative is supported by International Finance Corporation (IFC – World Bank Group), and in particular by its WIN (Women in Business) programme which places particular emphasis on:

  • collaboration between financial institutions to strengthen their capacity to provide products and services for women entrepreneurs,
  • a better business climate for women entrepreneurs, in particular through the elimination of barriers and through better access to the market and to information in order to allow their businesses to grow faster,
  • partnership, management and the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

The objective pursued by the “Lady’s First” commercial team is to optimise the quality of an increasingly individual service, to know the customers well and to work out solutions to suit the needs of women entrepreneurs.

“Lady’s First” provides concrete solutions to meet your needs as a woman entrepreneur!

“Lady’s First, the best prospect for your business”

  • Training in and reinforcement of managerial skills
  • Financial education
  • SME toolbox and documentation centre
  • Access to information and to the market (networking, partnership etc.)

“Lady’s First, the guarantee of your business success: realize your full potential as an entrepreneur”

  • Current account in CDF with “Rapidos” bank card
  • Current account in foreign currency with “Rapidos” bank card
  • Savings account with “Fidélité” bank card
  • Time deposit account
  • Electronic payment terminals
  • Collection and cash advance service
  • Remittance and cashing of cheques
  • Payment of taxes and public revenue office operations
  • Management of wages and payroll
  • Provision of foreign currencies and Congolese francs throughout DRC

“With Lady’s First, expand your business horizons and build your capital”

  • Cash credit
  • Fixed term loans
  • Advances on revenue
  • Discounts
  • Bill endorsement
  • Issuing of guarantees and contract bonds
  • Exchange and arbitration operations

“Think big, live big !”

  • Taking out of licences
  • National and international transfers
  • Opening and management of documentary credits
  • Negotiation of documentary collections
  • Negotiation of import and export documentary credits
  • Financing of imports and exports
  • International bank cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro)

  • RawbankOnline
  • SMS Banking