Our cards

No more need for cash! RAWBANK lets you keep your money in your pocket

We offer a wide range of credit or prepaid cards.
At Rawbank, we put your needs first. That’s why we design our cards with you in mind.

If you are a frequent traveller and want to book a hotel in advance, rent a car or just pay for things when it suits you, our MASTERCARD credit cards are just what you need!

If you want total control over your budget and don’t want to overspend, Purchase one of our wide range of prepaid cards.

Rawbank offers you a wide range of leading international cards: MasterCard credit cards

Credit cards

  • MasterCard STANDARD
  • MasterCard GOLD
  • MasterCard PLATINUM


  • You can make withdrawals from any Rawbank RAPIDOS ATM and from over 700,000 ATMs throughout the world displaying the MasterCard logo.
  • Pay for your purchases at all Rawbank affiliated merchants and at over 29 million outlets throughout the world (including the DRC) displaying the MasterCard logo
  • You can use your card to make hotel reservations, hire a car or make payments over the Internet.


Check how much you have spent on your credit card 24 hours a day.
Receive an SMS after every transaction.
In the event of loss or theft, just call and your card will be blocked immediately.

  • In French : (+33437 37 28 98, +33437 37 28 99)
  • In English   : (+44845217378, + 44845217 13 79)

RAPIDOS VISA debit cards

You can have our RAPIDOS Classic, Gold, Platinum and Franc congolais debit cards to withdraw money at any time, no matter where you are, and make payments in complete security.

Your money always at your fingertips

For your cash needs, RAPIDOS VISA debit cards allow you to make cash withdrawals of up to $ 2,000 (*) per day, up to the balance of your account, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. out of 7, in all Rawbank’s RAPIDOS ATMs and those of the partner banks.

Set your purchases freely

RAPIDOS VISA debit cards offer you the possibility to pay your purchases with affiliated merchants, up to a ceiling of $ 12,000 per week (**).

Enjoy multiple services

Cash advance

You can also use your card on TPE (Electronic Payment Terminal) to get money, up to your payment limit, from affiliated merchants offering this service.

Purchase of telephone credits

You can also use your card on Rawbank’s DAB RAPIDOS to charge your phone.

Assurance Travelia

Thanks to your Rapidos Visa Card you can also benefit from our insurance products at the price of a simple card and travel safely.

Ayez une vision claire de vos dépenses

Rawbank debit cards allow you to view the balance of your account and get the history of your last 10 transactions in all RAPIDOS ATMs at Rawbank. You can follow the evolution of your account and control your expenses.

(*) $ 1,000 with the Classic card, $ 3,000 with Gold and Congolese Franc cards, $ 6,000 with the Platinum card (**) $ 4,000 with the Classic card, $ 10,000 with the Gold card, $ 15,000 with the card Platinum card

La carte prépayée Mastercard Traveler’s

Votre carte prépayée Mastercard Traveler’s signée RAWBANK !

Your advantages

Make cash withdrawals from more than 700,000 ATMs around the world and in the DRC. Pay for your purchases in more than 29 million shops worldwide (including the DRC!) Displaying the Masterdcard logos. Reload the amount of your choice on your card. Travel safely with our insurance products (*).

(*) Travel insurance & Fraudulent use of the card.

China card

It offers several options: withdrawal of cash at UPI vending machines, consultation and editing of the statement of transactions and the balance of the card, the purchase of goods and services on POS from the merchants. China Card also gives you the opportunity to transfer money for the benefit of another person holding the China Card. Just access the Rawbank website to complete this transfer.