Current accounts

A current account is the best account for making day to day payments. All the services Rawbank offers are based on this type of account. You can make withdrawals at any time, for any amount you like.

Once you have opened your account, you will have all the help you need from RAWBANK, which will support you in terms of assistance and training, help you to manage your income and optimise the management of your funds, make it easier to conduct transactions abroad, etc.

The advantages of a RAWBANK account:

  • First-class electronic banking facilities in the DRC and globally (Visa, MasterCard, China Union…)
  • RAWBANKONLINE to manage your banking transactions from anywhere in the world.
  • SMS Banking, so that you can be informed directly of any payment on your account.

Fixed-term deposit

Increase the value of your surplus funds with a guaranteed return on your investment.

With a Fixed-term deposit, you invest your surplus funds short term, without risking your capital and with a guaranteed return. You decide how much you want to invest and for how long. You can have access to your funds at any time by terminating your deposit before its due date.

Interest can also be paid monthly.