Matayarisho 3

Every year, RAWBANK puts a special emphasis on the ” giving back to the community ” which brings together all the social actions of the bank in favor of communities throughout the DRC.

For this purpose, the bank has allocated a large budget for the rehabilitation of the EP Matayarisho, long remained destroyed and abandoned.

On the morning of Wednesday, May 8, 2019 was held the inauguration ceremony of the primary school (EP) Matayarisho, Lubumbashi, with all of its students and teachers as well as representatives of the bank and parents. Having been selected following this social action “Back to school with Rawbank” organized in September 2018, this school received funding from RAWBANK covering all rehabilitation costs of all its classrooms. The dilapidated places did not allow, formerly, the pupils to study all together and in the best conditions.

Indeed, the building comprises a total of 12 classes which are divided into 3 blocks. One of the three blocks consisting of 4 classes required a lot of work because classes were in a state of disrepair, no roofing, electricity, etc. ; this block could not be used. As a result, the principal had to make two rounds in the day due to lack of classes and considering the total number of pupils in the school, 282, some of the children studied in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. midday.

In his address, the school promoter said: ” The one called in the colonial era « Sainte Clotilde primary school » has deteriorated over the years to cause as consequences the loss of student motivation and the deterioration of class status in general. But today, in front of this building and all these renovated classes thanks to RAWBANK, can you observe how the EP Matayarisho is a jewel; a framework that will now bring children together in better learning conditions! Thanks to the first banking institution in the DRC! “.

On this day’s program, the ribbon cutting, the school visit, the presentation of gifts and goodies to students and teachers as well as the taking of family photos took place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

For RAWBANK, this action marks its commitment to initiatives that encourage schooling and support for disadvantaged children throughout the DRC.

RAWBANK, education partner in the DRC.