Thierry Taeymans: « Rawbank is becoming a pan-African bank »

Thierry Taeymans


In the dynamics of regional economic integration, Rawbank is becoming a pan-African commercial bank. According to its managing director, Thierry Taeymans, everything is being done to open branches, particularly in the neighboring countries of the DR Congo.

« We start with Angola where a representative office is being created. If Rawbank settles in Angola as in other African countries and there is a single market, it will facilitate financial exchanges. So, we want to create a pan-African bank. It will take a few years to achieve this. But this will eventually materialize » said Thierry Taeymans in an exclusive interview with Zoom Eco. Meeting with the seventh edition of the Africa Ceo Forum held in Kigali from 25 to 26 March 2019, Rawbank’s Managing Director was accompanied by two of his collaborators, Didier Tilman Assistant General Manager and Joe Lolonga Nkoi , Regional Director of the East Zone.

Participation in triple objectives

About their participation in this great meeting of African economic decision-makers, he mentioned three main reasons: First, he believes that Rawbank is a big bank in the DRC. It deserves to be known in Africa since it is a forum that brings together all the CEOs of large companies based in Africa. Then, it is to support the action of the Head of State who personally attended these meetings that they made the displacement of Kigali as ambassadors of Congo. Finally, he insisted, it is the need to consolidate networking. Because, it is always good to share with the other managing directors of foreign but African banks new products, new ideas and new trends.

Major challenges of the banking sector

The financing of companies whose SMEs create wealth, stable jobs and prosperity of the population is one of the major challenges of the African banking sector. « Rawbank is a bank of economic operators and SMEs. There are structures that are not yet set up as a central risk. This would allow us to know the indebtedness of all economic operators from other banks. Whether or not they are good customers. It still does not exist at the level of the Central Bank of Congo, “said Thierry Taeymans. If this structure remains a necessity to develop credit especially to SMEs in Africa and Congo, the other challenge is justice. To him to specify: “it does not help us much. In the event of insolvency of the economic operator, it is very complicated to obtain a judgment enabling a guarantee to be made. ” Rawbank welcomes the request of the head of state, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi, to the private sector, that to support its policy of creating stable and well-paid jobs for Congolese. However, Thierry Taeymans welcomes his commitment in Kigali to support private initiatives and Congolese businesses to help them develop. “The implementation of these commitments, including those relating to the establishment of good justice, the fight against tax fraud and corruption, the improvement of the business climate … It will allow us to develop more easily in the DRC, “concluded Thierry Taeymans.

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