RAWBANK celebrates Congolese woman for 2019 International Women’s Day

Déjeuner entre femmes avec le Caf Conc

RAWBANK is the bank accompanying the woman in her financial inclusion. Thus, through the segment dedicated to it, Lady’s First, the 1st Banking Institution organized a meeting of Congolese women entrepreneurs on March 8 at Caf’Conç in Kinshasa.

An activity that is part of the annual events and priorities of the bank.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, RAWBANK brought together women entrepreneurs from various sectors around the annual theme: “Fair thinking, smart building, innovation for change”. The bank took advantage of these moments to remind the women of its commitment, since 2014, through Lady’s First and the various products and services available to him.

Indeed, Lady’s First is the segment dedicated to the Congolese woman entrepreneur. It is part of the process of encouraging female entrepreneurship, whose main tasks are to improve women’s access to financial products and services, to facilitate their access to the market and to information, but also to train them. to strengthen their managerial abilities.

During the day, discussions focused on the Lady’s First map; an innovative product offering many advantages and facilities for its consumers.

« RAWBANK has a head start in promoting Congolese women. The Lady’s First card ensures ease, security and reliability in our transactions, whether in business or simply for our daily purchases. Said one of the women present.

The framework also allowed the bank to highlight the innovations made to the Lady’s First card; in particular, the expanded banking scope allowing women to enjoy greater financial coverage for the benefit of their transactions.

« RAWBANK has always shown that women come back to the fore. And today is an opportunity to reassure him of our commitment to financial inclusion and support for his projects », concluded Ms. Afi Kolokey, RAWBANK Communications Manager.

This day has the merit of being listed among the annual and priority events of the bank because it supports the proximity management that RAWBANK maintains vis-à-vis its customers.