Exchange DRC-USA, what are the implications?


On Wednesday, March 27, 2019 was held the meeting around the theme: “Exchange DRC-USA, what are the implications? Organized by Breakfast Connexion at the Memling Hotel in Kinshasa. This evening, sponsored by RAWBANK, had the particularity of having as special guest the Ambassador of the United States in the DRC, Mr. Mike HAMMER as well as the presence of the RAWBANK DGA, Mr. Mustafa RAWJI.

Considered as a strong signal, the meeting which gathered more than 30 participants, including economic actors, had at the heart of its program discussions on business issues and business opportunities between the DRC and the United States.

A common vision of commitment: increase the volume of trade estimated so far in figures to nearly 100 million US dollars.

RAWBANK, represented by his DGA Mr. Mustafa RAWJI, briefly shared his experience as a leader in the Congolese banking sector and his contribution to improving the business climate and investments in the DRC.

Indeed, among the challenges that constitute a barrier between these two states, we can cite corruption, insecurity and the low rate of banking and access to new technologies. Nevertheless, efforts and a concrete will are combined both within the private and public sectors in order to boost the Congolese economy, diversify it and attract the American business world in the different key sectors of the DRC.

Mr. Mike HAMMER, US Ambassador to the DRC, took this opportunity to reiterate the TRUMP Administration’s willingness to accompany its Congolese partner in reviving bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries. He also encouraged the efforts of the banking sector by its key players, such as RAWBANK, which contributes to financial inclusion for all.

For RAWBANK, this was yet another opportunity to demonstrate its involvement in the economic development of the DRC. The bank has always positioned itself as one of the financial partners that contributes to improving the image of the Congolese banking market both nationally and internationally.

What matters most to us is to succeed with you.