A business lunch on the problem of law enforcement related to outsourcing in the DRC

Déjeuner RAWBANK

Organisé en pleine matinée du 30 Mars 2019, le déjeuner d’affaires initié par Breakfast Connexion, sponsorisé par RAWBANK, avait pour objectif d’éclairer les délégués d’entreprises sur la problématique de l’application de la loi liée à la sous-traitance en RDC. En associant son nom à cette rencontre, RAWBANK démontre son engagement dans la promotion des initiatives d’échanges professionnels.

The law of subcontracting in the DRC is a controversial subject to this day. Promulgated in 2017, its content is still not unanimous among key players in the world of employment.

RAWBANK helped organize the meeting initiated by the Congolese business network, Breakfast Connexion, to contribute to the mission pursued by the latter, ie the popularization and the debate around this law, which today reserves the subcontracting activity only to companies with Congolese capital promoted by indigenous people and whose head office is located on the national territory.

A prohibition that affects many economic operators who show a willingness to participate in discussions to improve the conditions and requirements of the market.

We, as economic operators and business network, considered it important to bring together the key actors of employment in the DRC to discuss the probable reforms that we could propose on the law and thus, to popularize more on this which is not understood by the actors concerned. We thank RAWBANK for understanding the important issues of this topic and for contributing to the realization of this project, once again, “said Albert Ntoni, CEO of Breakfast Connexion.

For RAWBANK, the discussions on the law of subcontracting constitute a topic for pertinent reflection in view of the much sought-after emergence of the employment sector in the DRC.

Thus, its participation as a sponsor of the event is part of its policy of accompanying initiatives contributing to the economic development of the country.

What matters most to us is to succeed with you ..