RAWBANK continues its social activities in favor of the needy.

 RAWBANK pursues its activities of proximity to the communities, conducting social actions, in collaboration with other associations that solicit it to the extent of its possibilities within its fields of intervention.Rawladies

Launched on Monday, March 27, 2017 in Kinshasa, before proceeding to its extension in the east of the country, the campaign “Harvesting blood bags for sickle-cell anemia” initiated by RAWLADIES, a platform that brings together women employed Of RAWBANK, sponsored by the Director-General, Mr. Thierry Taeymans.

RAWBANK has once again responded to the call of the structures in Kisangani and Goma from 31 July to 05 August, through charity actions in favor of orphans and women victims of rape in the province of KISANGANI and Goma.
The RAWLADIES delegation officially handed over 100 blood pockets to the Tshopo General Hospital in Kisangani as well as food at the St. Laurent orphanage. The same gesture was repeated at the Military Hospital in Goma, as well as the donations to Mugunga, to rape women and rape children in that province.Rawladies
Leading by example, employees of RAWBANK Kisangani and Goma agencies gave the go of this exercise to honor a commitment made freely. The Bank would like to thank all RAWBANKERS and the clients who have been willing to participate in this activity by voluntary and voluntary blood donation for the benefit of the community.

The blood unit handover ceremony took place in the presence of the RAWLADIES delegation led by Patience Barandenge, chair of the platform on the one hand, and the team of centers represented by the doctors directors.
To close their mission on August 5th, RAWLADIES in the Eastern Zone were invited to participate in several training sessions, including family planning, blood transfusion, labor and family code and time management.Rawladies

In order to combine the useful with the pleasant under the song RAWBANK 15 YEARS, the RAWLADIES awarded the prizes to the exceptional women nominated in each branch of RAWBANK. A dinner of honor will then be served at the end of the ceremony to the participants.