A humanitarian gesture from RAWBANK in favor of orphans and rape victims in Goma

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, a RAWBANK delegation headed by its Director General Thierry TAEYMANS and the famous musician LOKUA KANZA, made a humanitarian gesture for the orphans of Don Bosco and rape victims of the NGO Heal Africa , In the city of Goma.

FEMMES VICTIMES DE VIOL À GOMAIt is the Don Bosco Ngangi Center of the Salesian Fathers, located in a peripheral district of Goma, North Kivu Province, which first hosted the RAWBANK delegation. In addition to accommodation, this orphanage supports the education of a hundred children aged 0 to 4 years. Among them are orphans and children in family breakdown.

While thanking RAWBANK for his financial support and donations of food and non-food to the children, the Don Bosco orphanage appeals to generous souls in order to get them out of some of the difficulties that make it work.

Following the visit to the Orphanage, RAWBANK’s DG and his suite went to the hospital of the NGO Heal Africa in Goma. In this center too, the situation is not bright. The center, which receives more and more women who are victims of rape and children of rape, is beginning to experience a problem of accommodation and comfort. It was therefore very fortunate that his women expressed their gratitude to RAWBANK and his Director General for his support.


For the RAWBANK N ° 1, these actions are aimed at supporting the social policy of RAWBANK. These actions help to help the local authorities to improve the well-being of the poor. He said he hoped that generous people or organizations would follow RAWBANK in order to help the needy and solve their problems. Anything that will promote better care for those people who just want to live in better conditions.

We have a DNA of entrepreneurs and we realize that we can not conquer without sharing or sharing without conquering. “Conquer and share” This is the key word that now characterizes RAWBANK.


With a father’s look, Thierry Taeymans and his protégés, sang, danced to the rhythm of the song RAWBANK 15 YEARS with the famous singer LOKUA KANZA.

There is more happiness to give than to receive, it is said !