RAWBANK held its 4th Jamboree from Thursday 28 to Saturday 30 April 2016 at the ‘cercle de Kinshasa’.
The Jamboree is an annual meeting of branch managers, sales staff and sales management. Its aim is to share useful information about past performance, to outline the various ways of achieving commercial success, to share ideas and useful information with the representatives of different departments, and to forge corporate and social bonds.
For three days in a row, sales managers, departmental managers and branch managers from throughout the DRC were invited to the 2016 Jamboree to exchange ideas and discuss major issues relating to RAWBANK’s business and development.

At 9 am on Thursday, 28 April this event, the 4th of its type, was launched by Didier TILMAN, Commercial Manager and master of ceremonies. He also presented the balance sheet for 2015, the sales objectives for 2016, the various courses of action and the major projects to be undertaken. Then, the regional managers each took it in turn to give their opinion on the overall and economic environment, the main points, key figures and prospects for their area.

The first day of the 2016 Jamboree also provided the opportunity to present a few planned RAWBANK products such as mobile banking and RAWSUR, an insurance company which aims to be a benchmark for insurers in the DRC. The first day ended with workshops, which continued the next day.

A relaxing evening at the home of the CEO to end Day 2

During the second day, after various workshops, Rawbank staff were given insights into corporate and commercial banking in 2016, Customer Experience challenges for 2016 and retail and private banking. To end the second day, the CEO invited the participants of the 4th Jamboree to a reception at his residence, organised in their honour. During the evening, Mr Thierry TAEYMANS took the opportunity to thank all the Rawbankers, saying, “However good and ambitious our projects may be, and however strong and positive our desire may be, they will not get anywhere without your involvement. And thanks to your involvement, RAWBANK has had a successful 2015 and we can credit ourselves with a number of achievements.” In conclusion, he said, “I realise the importance of events such as the Jamboree, and I hope that this moment which brings us together kindles this common desire which unites us and that dialogue leads to listening and understanding.” After the CEO’s speech, the participants in the Jamboree were invited to a meal before they got together for the third and final day.

A delightful end to the 4th Jamboree

The last day enabled the Rawbankers to exchange ideas on a few other points, namely: productivity and cost control, management audit and compliance. The 2016 Jamboree has therefore fulfilled its promises, because all the questions relating to RAWBANK’s business and development were addressed during the course of this event. For the Deputy CEO, these seminars are necessary, “These exchanges enable us not only to reinforce team spirit and the sense of belonging to the bank but also to see how we can progress and move forward,” Mustafa RAWJI informed us at the end of the event.

The long-awaited moment of day 3 was the trip on the Congo River aboard the ‘Majestic River’. A well-deserved moment of relaxation for the staff, who enjoyed it tremendously. This was a great opportunity for Rawbankers to bond with one another while sharing a hearty meal in a convivial atmosphere.

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