The Deputy Chief Executive of RAWBANK, Mustafa RAWJI and Jean-Claude THETIKA, Director General of the Institution for Financial Inclusion in the DRC, FPM ASBL signed a business partnership on Wednesday 6 April 2016 during a press conference which took place at the bank.
Ever keen to contribute towards promoting the stability and efficiency of the Congolese financial system, through this partnership RAWBANK is building a stronger institution that intends to optimise overall management of the bank by applying methods that have proven effective, and thus continue to serve its customers to the best of its ability.
Mustafa RAWJI also told the audience that RAWBANK remains robust financially, and it is in this context that FPM has granted it a USD 4.5m line of credit for financing SMEs over 5 years, which is in addition to the financing already obtained in this sector.
This is intended to strengthen the confidence placed by the customers and national and international financial institutions that work in close collaboration with RAWBANK.
The sole objective of FPM is to reduce poverty and improve the living conditions of the population in the Democratic Republic of Congo. FPM and RAWBANK share the same strategy, which is to expand the take up of banking facilities by SMEs and to enhance expertise. Working with RAWBANK through its two activities of financing and technical assistance, FPM is confident of the impact that the collaboration between the two institutions will have.
For Mr THETIKA, as the leading bank in the DRC, RAWBANK has to be a model. The involvement of FPM in optimising risks and developing the SME sector is a step in this direction and towards boosting the economy.
Primarily a technical assistance agreement
High-ranking international experts, including a RAWJI Foundation Award for Excellence winner, will lend their support to the bank in its project to strengthen its structure in order to continue its growth under the best possible conditions. A training component is also planned for the SME sector sales force so that they can help these enterprises as much as possible by instilling a financial culture in them.
“It means upgrading to international standards”, stressed Mustafa RAWJI, explaining the aim of the partnership during the press briefing, in which a number of RAWBANK and FPM executives took part.
RAWBANK remains a national asset which deserves to be preserved and consolidated with the aim of participating in the financing of the Congolese economy and contributing directly and indirectly to the creation of jobs.
RAWBANK wishes to extend its thanks and to express its gratitude to its customers and partners for their confidence.