On Friday 18/03/2016, in its head office at the Rawbank La Couronne branch, Lady’s First, one of the programmes launched by Rawbank, presented certificates to women entrepreneurs who had just finished their training course on improving managerial abilities.
At this brief closure ceremony, whose participants included Rawbank’s operations manager, Mr ILONDO, and the manager of the Rawbank branch at La Couronne, Ms Fuata, the manager of the programme, Patience BARANDENGE thanked all participants for coming and gave a reminder of the vision and objective of Lady’s First: to support women entrepreneurs.
After having thanked all of these entrepreneurs who benefited from the Lady’s First programme, Rawbank’s operations manager encouraged these ladies to continue and persevere in their businesses.
The main trainer for this session, Pierre Mbambi, who also gave plenty of words of encouragement to his students during his speech, returned to the content of this four-module training course.
The key moment of this end-of-course ceremony was the presentation of certificates to each of the participants. One after the other, the first five participants received their certificates from Mr ILONDO. Afterwards, it was the turn of Ms FUATA to individually thank the second batch of successful candidates and present them with their certificates. Mr MBAMBI presented the certificates to the final group of participants.
Satisfied and grateful successful candidates
Lolo MILOLO then took the opportunity, in the name of the participants, of speaking to thank Rawbank and all those who contributed to the creation of Lady’s First, particularly Ms BARANDENGE, the initiator of the programme. The participants also thanked their trainer, Pierre MBAMBI, as well as his assistant.
Happy to have been able to benefit inexpensively from training at an international level, these ladies, working in different commercial activities, told us of the importance of what they had learned for the exercise of their businesses. “This training course is very important for me. It will enable me to draw up my business plan properly before being able to make an investment. It enables me to control the management of my company”, says Taciana WAY, one of the entrepreneurs.
For Lolo Milolo, beneficiary of the Lady’s First programme, Rawbank should be congratulated for its initiative aiming to improve the managerial abilities of women. “The advantage for me, who does not know much about business, is to learn how I can grow my small business and I think that, with this training course that I’ve just had, I will become more responsible”, she said to us.
This training course, given with the aim of improving access by women entrepreneurs to financial services and to improve their managerial abilities, is split into four modules: drawing up a business plan for a shop, developing a competitive marketing strategy for my SME to improve sales, controlling and mastering my SME’s costs, and using and analysing financial statements.