During a press briefing on Friday, 11 December 2015, Interswitch GIE, made up of Rawbank, ProCredit Bank, FBN Bank and BCDC announced the official launch of a new interbank service called Multipay.

There were three parts to the press conference held by Mr. Sébastien Mortier and Mr. Christian Kamanzi, General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Interswitch GIE respectively. On the agenda for the meeting were the presentation of “Multipay” by Mr. Mortier, the screening of the advertisement for this new service, which is scheduled to be broadcast on TV next week, and a question and answer session with journalists.

In his Q&A session with journalists, the General Manager of Interswitch GIE explained the reasons behind the launch of “Multipay” and the benefits it provides. He said that regardless of whether you have a BCDC, FBN Bank, ProCrédit Bank or Rawbank card, from now on you can carry out transactions at any of the banks affiliated with “Multipay”. All you have to do is look for the “Multipay” logo on the ATMs and terminals of any of the four banks. “Multipay is launched today by four major local banks, but the service will be gradually expanded to the cards and terminals of other banks,” Mr. Sébastien Mortier said. Currently, people holding bank cards use them mainly for withdrawing cash. Thanks to “Multipay”, these transactions will be possible over a much bigger network, and therefore with a greater local presence.

Multipay makes it much easier to access your money

The “Multipay” interbank network has over 300 ATMs and 1000 electronic payment terminals. You can also make withdrawals of up to USD 5,000 (cash advance service) in all branches of the participating banks, throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo. At present, 33 towns in total are involved. “We are already preparing other interbank services, which will be introduced next year,” the Head of Interswitch GIE said.
This new service has been made possible thanks to BankservAfrica, which has managed interbank transactions in South Africa for more than 30 years, and Infoset, its local partner.