To ensure that Kinshasa is dressed in its finest during the year-end festivities, Rawbank has, as ever, spared no expense on financing the installation of the tallest Christmas tree in the capital in the place du 30 Juin at Gombe.

Undertaken by Plexi Light, the installation of the Christmas tree began on Tuesday, 1 December, and continued without a break until Tuesday, 8 December, according to those who carried out the work.

Rawbank, which has for the last several years set up a giant fir tree in this strategic area of the capital attracting thousands of the city’s inhabitants during the year-end holidays, has once again lived up to its reputation.

And this year especially, wanting to cause an even bigger surprise, the DRC’s largest bank has gone even further. It has spared no expense in financing the setting-up of this gigantic shining jewel, 16 metres high and 9 metres in diameter.

“The years pass and each one is different. Every year, our aim is to surprise and brighten up the lives of the inhabitants of Kinshasa by doing what we know best, being innovative,” one of Rawbank’s marketing department managers said. According to her, the choice of this location is just as evocative as the tree itself.

“The size of the square is 13,000 m², an appropriate area to accommodate this large fir tree, not to mention its history and the influx of people from Kinshasa who go there to have a good time,” she added finally.

As the year-end festivities draw nigh, Rawbank could not provide the inhabitants of Kinshasa with anything to surpass this, the companion of choice for the Christmas and New Year holidays. The public are invited to come and admire this magnificent giant fir tree from Tuesday, 8 December, when it is finally installed, until 30 January 2016.