The giant Christmas tree has now been set up in the place du 30 Juin in the Commune of Gombe. The work was carried out by Plexi Light and financed by Rawbank.

If you are in Kinshasa during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities, you will find that the place du 30 Juin, located not far from the central station in the Commune of Gombe, is already in festive mood. This historic site in the capital owes its beautiful atmosphere to the magnificent fir tree that has been set up there thanks to the country’s leading bank.

The inhabitants of Kinshasa, who love to stroll through the streets to take in the Christmas and New Year atmosphere, should be sure to go and admire this giant tree decorated, naturally, in the Rawbank colours.
This year, this giant show-piece, which is 16 metres high and 9 metres in diameter, will be an amazing attraction in the city province of Kinshasa.

As the year-end festivities draw nigh, Rawbank could not provide the inhabitants of Kinshasa with anything to surpass this, the companion of choice for the Christmas and New Year holidays.
The public are invited to come and admire this magnificent giant fir until 30 January 2016.