The RAWBANK and CFAO flags flew alongside each other once again on Saturday, 17 October, in celebration of the “Loans for Motorcycles” open day, which was held at the Sym by CFAO store.
The first loans were taken out starting at 9 a.m., as the CFAO technical sales staff were extolling the technical features of the F4 and F5 motorbikes. These continued throughout the day to the rhythm of the musical entertainment broadcast for the guests and passersby.
This excited the curiosity of a large crowd, which gathered around the Sym shop and became aware of the arrival in force of RAWBANK staff in the Binza Ozone district, where the dealership is based. The bank seized the opportunity to make them aware of the “Loans for Motorcycles” package, providing them with details of the product and its attractive terms and conditions.
A large number were passers-by, who asked about opening an account on the spot so that they could get a loan through the “Loans for Motorcycles” package, not wanting to miss the day’s special event. They were assured that this was not a special “one-off” linked to the specific “Loans for Motorcycles” event, and were directed to the nearest branch of RAWBANK.
To mark the day, Sym by CFAO also offered purchasers a 2 year warranty on the engine, enabling them to enjoy using their bike during the loan repayment period without any worries. Our customers left satisfied from having been able to benefit from a loan facility to buy a motorbike as a result of the partnership between these two companies, both leaders in their sectors.
Before leaving the premises, everyone who took out a loan was given a cap, a key ring, a bracelet and a jacket. It was no surprise, therefore, to see the Barré stop and its surroundings dressed in the red and blue of SYM by CFAO as a result of the RAWBANK event.