RAWBANK organised a “Crédit Moto” open day last Saturday, 10 October, at PRODIMPEX, the agent for Yamaha in the DRC.
The event was held in the showroom of this major motorcycle dealer in order to promote “Crédit Moto”, a loan used to purchase a motorcycle from a dealer approved by the bank.
The event was judged to be extremely successful, given that partner companies and customers alike responded positively, with a high level of attendance from the moment the doors opened.
In the showroom, customers were able to find out about a wide range of high-quality motorcycles, whose technical features were explained by Prodimpex technical sales staff.
Customers were able to get a real feel for the machines by demonstrations and by trying them out in the car park.
RAWBANK’s specialist sales representatives were on hand to assist them with their financing requirements through “Crédit Moto”.
Guests were offered refreshments to round off the day.
As they left, guests were supplied with key rings, T-shirts and caps bearing the respective logos of both partners, to their evident satisfaction.
The extremely positive outcome of the day means that RAWBANK is now thinking of organising another event of this type in the near future so that an even greater number of its customers can benefit from the experience.