Under the partnership between RAWBANK (the n° 1 bank in the DRC) and the As. Vita-club (one of the largest clubs in our country), RAWBANK undertook to offer equipment in the colours and logo of the club to players as well as its staff.

To this end, a kit-presentation ceremony was organised at the residence of the chairman of the club, general Amisi Tango Fort represented by his general secretary, Mr Banishay, accompanied by the committee of V-club supporters. On the bank’s side, the delegation was led by the treasury manager, Mr Antoine Kiala and the retail manager, Mr Michel Brabant.

After the reception of kits by the general secretary, the two partners were interviewed by RTNC and Digital Congo.

It should also be noted that V-club was eliminated from the CAF 2015 cup, but RAWBANK continues to believe in the future of this club and counts on it to perform during the next season.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Vita club remained at the top of the ranking for the Lina football championship, with 21 points in the 9 matches played, before withdrawal from the schedule with 6 won and 3 draws.

This ceremony was not only to the satisfaction of both partners, but it also strengthens the partnership between Rawbank and V-club, which has been fruitful to date.

It is important to emphasise that RAWBANK is amongst the banks which support the Congolese people in various fields; it contributes to socio-cultural development in the Democratic Republic of Congo.