On Friday 23 May, at the private residence of the CEO, Mr Thierry Taeymans, RAWBANK organised an exceptional evening devoted to the exhibition of works of art under plexiglass by the painter Roger Botembe. This ceremony was notable for the presence of several members of the government, including the Minister for Culture and the Arts, Mr Baudouin BanzaMukalayi.

During the evening, the artist gave a preview of his very latest book entitled “Sakofa”, an exceptional work of art devoted to creative work between 2003 and 2013 and to the 30 years of his artistic career. An auction also took place at the event.

Already, in 2003, RAWBANK was supporting the writing of another book by the artist Roger Botembe entitled “Trans-symbolism of the African mask”, in which he aimed to transcend tradition by adding the Congo of today to it, to visualise what would be the Africa of the future.

Today, once more, this quest for an African Renaissance can be seen in “Sakofa”, the title of which refers to the bird that is the symbol of wisdom, knowledge and the memory of peoples.

By contributing to the organisation of the presentation of this work, which recognises the 30 year career of the artist Roger Botembe, RAWBANK wanted to pay homage to this creative genius, pillar of mural and monumental painting in Congo and founder of trans-symbolism.

RAWBANK supports Congolese creative talent in artistic disciplines such as literature, music and the visual arts.  It therefore contributes to the discovery of rare or unpublished artistic works and promotes deserving and worthy Congolese creators and performers internationally.

RAWBANK invites all future readers of “Sakofa” to enter the temple of the lost traditions of the master Roger Botembe.