RAWBANK: Organize an extension session on leasing in the DRC.

RAWBANK organized an extension session, in collaboration with its financial partner IFC, on the multiple benefits of leasing.

Although not yet offered as a financial service in the DRC, the bank has favored its Lady’s First segment by offering this training as a prelude to its launch. This meeting was attended by a lawyer, Mr. Nizar Snoussi, international leasing expert and thirty women entrepreneurs.

Organized within the RAWBANK agency « La Couronne » in Kinshasa, the training offered to Congolese women entrepreneurs precedes the future launch of a brand new financial service: leasing.

Designed to encourage and encourage entrepreneurship, RAWBANK hopes to make available to its clientele this financing formula which offers several benefits to the beneficiaries. Indeed, by the simplicity of setting up a leasing, women entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from support in the acquisition of equipment, without realizing immediate cash out, for their company.

For Mr. Nizar Snoussi, « The DRC today is a market of 450 to 500M $ per year, in terms of potentiality. As a guest trainer, my duty was not only to explain the main benefits of leasing and its positive impact in the private sector, but also to encourage this leadership, including RAWBANK, by taking this pre-launch phase of this banking service. He said.

In order to better develop the knowledge of women entrepreneurs, the training consisted of a theoretical part and a simulation based on what is already done in a context more or less similar to ours. « As with every training, we come out confident to have a bank with us for the realization of our projects, » said one of the participants.

RAWBANK wants to boost the Congolese private sector to ensure better financial inclusion for the Congolese population. With a potential of nearly 250 million consumers, thanks to its geographical and strategic position in the region and subregion, the DRC remains for RAWBANK a vast market to value and energize in the heart of Africa. in the heart of Africa.

What matters most to us is to succeed with you.